Lyne Marshall

Lyne Marshall

Tallegalla Queensland Australia
Artist’s Statement

Lyne Marshall is an Australian artist and author who is inspired by the wilderness and the way nature exposes the landscape to reveal its hidden dimensions.

While working in a variety of mediums, Lyne’s work commonly reflects a response to an experience. While not specific to an area her semi abstract landscapes are based on deeper impressions, of living as a child on an island off the coast of Queensland and now are an artist living on an isolated mountain range in South East Queensland.

Lyne is focused on growing with her art and retaining an integrity that allows viewers to look below the surface, to be drawn to a deeper level that speaks to them about the world around them. In seeking the essence of her subject Lyne feels she can move away from the representational. It is the emotional experience of nature’s unpredictability yet constant persistence in sculpturing the land that she works to depict.